Linda Margulis Yant lives with her husband Jack in Burlington County, which is located within the beautiful Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

Linda is the author and illustrator of Henry’s Hat®, a delightful children’s picture book focused on friendship and goodness. The book is perfect for Read-To, Read-Along and beginning readers.  She is also a mother and grandmother, roles in which she embraces. Linda has a diverse background. She spent 30 years in the corporate sector and since then she has devoted her time to writing and illustrating children’s stories.

I create children’s picture books as much for the parents, teachers and care-givers as I do for the children.  Parents typically enjoy the stories and illustrations as much as the children do, which I feel encourages and promotes reading to children on a regular basis.  My fond memories of being read to as a child by my mother and teachers have strongly influenced the style of the books I create, which tend to be simple, happy, light-hearted and fun. My books are designed to promote kindness and compassion among children, and to remind adults of the joy to be had in connecting with children through picture books.” … Linda Margulis Yant

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Henry’s Hat is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hibernian Publishing and several other outlets.  Click here for links to purchase, or simply Google® “Linda Margulis Yant” for multiple purchasing options.

Look for these stories, written and illustrated by Linda Margulis Yant to by published in the near future:

Henry and the Maple Tree©2017 Henry and his dog venture to the grocery store to buy some maple syrup for Henry’s mother.  While on the way, they encounter a field of maple trees and Mr. Ryan, who takes them on a tour of his maple syrup factory.

The Big Spider Who Learned How to Swim©2014  A sweet spider with a kind disposition and a love of adventure learns how to swim.  He encourages his peers as he teaches them how to cross a puddle. This feel-good, rhyming Read-to/Read-along story is perfect for preschool-age children.

Mischievous Mike©2017  Steve brings his fun-loving dog, Mike, to school for show & tell. Mike can do all sorts of tricks. On this day, Steve wishes he didn’t teach Mike how to turn a door knob! When Mike opens the classroom door and runs into the hallway, he gets into all sorts of mischief. Steve has to search the whole school for Mike.  Where does he end up finding him? This silly story appeals to the beginner-reader.

Illustration by Linda Margulis Yant ©2017

The Adventures of Chunky and White Boots: The Case of the Blue Jay Bandit©2017 Oh no! The shriek of Mrs. Cardinal sounds loudly in the typically quiet and serene woods of the Pine Barrens. Someone has taken a ribbon off of the door of Mrs. Cardinal’s house, the prettiest house in the woods.  Who could have done such a thing? 

Illustration by Linda Margulis Yant ©2017

Once the Mayor shows up with Officer Robin to investigate, the animals who live in the woods gather to perform an investigation of their own.  Most suspect Barrett the Blue Jay, but he has an alibi.  Or does he? No one can seem to find Barrett to ask him.  The animals pay a visit to Mr. Jenkins, the cockatiel who lives inside a nearby house and watches all of the happenings in the woods through his binoculars. Will they find Barrett? Will the Mayor and Officer Robin find Mrs. Cardinal’s ribbon? Will they ever learn who took the ribbon, and why?

Illustration by Linda Margulis Yant ©2017
Illustration by Linda Margulis Yant © 2017


Member, Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)

 Henry’s Hat published by Hibernian Publishing LLC, 2017